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We are sad to announce that due to the passing of the store’s owner, Brett Mullins, HiFi Heaven will be closing its doors permanently. We are no longer accepting items for repair, consignment or sale.

We will be open every Saturday through June 18, 2022 from 12pm - 5pm to retrieve any items you placed with HiFi Heaven for repair, sale or consignment.

Charges for storage will begin to accrue as of June 18, 2022 on any items not claimed and the property will be deemed abandoned in accordance with law.


With over thirty years’ experience as a shop owner, technician and installer, Brett Mullins is an expert trouble shooter specializing in the repair of components and systems that others cannot fix.

HiFi Heaven also provides consulting services for the audio enthusiast and can make recommendations in system building and upgrading, acoustic room treatments, and integration of digital devices.

Our customers come from all over the country and include owners of high-end audio systems, whole house distributed systems, manufacturers of audio components, musicians and restaurants.

Brett Mullins

Brett’s specialties include the repair and restoration of high-end and vintage electronics including speaker re-coning, turntable and tube amp repair. He owns a full-range of test equipment, a service manual library and an extensive parts department which he actively uses on a daily basis.


A little bit of a backstory: Some People Just Have a Gift.

Brett Mullins falls into that category – it seems that he was born with a drive and talent to bring good electronics back to life.

Brett has been repairing and restoring since the tender age of 9 when, to his mother’s chagrin, he “trash-picked” his first television set. It wasn’t long before that poor television was disassembled into countless pieces all over the rec room carpet. But to his parents’ amazement, it was just a few days before Brett had fully reassembled all those pieces back into place and had himself a working TV.

At age 12, Brett got his first job as an after-school helper at the local TV repair shop. At 17 he was co-teaching the high school electronics class (they had run out of courses advanced enough for him to take). When he turned 19, he became service manager for a successful chain of stereo shops in the DC area, and by 25 he had opened a large repair shop which he owned and operated for over 25 years.

Now, Brett is fulfilling his dream of running a quieter, more low-key business that focuses on higher end products. He also is enjoying hunting down the coolest, the finest, and the funkiest of vintage and antique electronics to repair, restore and offer for sale to you.

He locates these pieces from anywhere and everywhere you can think of: antique stores, private individuals, auctions, thrift shops, flea markets. And yes, even the occasional “trash-pick”.